5-7-10 ton G3 series internal combustion counterbalanced forklift truck

Model                  : CPCD50/ 60/ 70/ 85/ 100-CU1G3/ YC2G3

Rated capacity     : 5.000-10.000 (kg)

Max.Lifting height : 3.000-7.000 (mm)

Transmission        : 3-speed automatic electric number

Engine model        : CUMMINS QSF3.8/ YUCHAI YCA05115

Rated power          : 90/ 85 (kW)

Tire                        : Pneumatic/ Solid tires

Fork size                : 1.220/ 1.520/ 1.820 (mm)

Delivery                  : 01-02 days

100% new imported equipment, never used.

Our premium product provides a combination of elegant aesthetics and advanced controls, making your operation a lot easier. The G3 series adopts a European standard engine and lifts a maximum of 10000 kg at a 600 mm load centre. This makes it Ideal for use in rough and intensive applications.

Features and Benefits of the 5-10T Diesel Counterbalance G3 Series


  • Interactive LCD display monitor allows the user to see the trucks overall status to make sure it is functioning as it should be
  • Aluminium fin-type radiator gives greater cooling performance
  • Donaldson air filter has a lower intake resistance which provides fresh and clean air to the engine to optimise efficiency
  • Adopts two gears with automatic gear changing. This especially helps with performance when driving up steep inclines
  • Side opening for electrical maintenance allows for quick and easy repairs
  • Wet brakes are maintenance free


  • The rear end is design reduced the truck’s centre of gravity, improving the lateral stability

  • Full operator protection system – when the operator leaves the seat it will automatically switch off
  • Truck must be in neutral to start the forklift which prevents the truck from moving when you start it

Intelligent Features

  • LCD interactive display offers a variety of modes check the status of the different parts of the truck

  • Display has 25 indicators which identify any faults with the truck. Multiple alarm warnings occur when the truck is over speeding and when going up an incline
  • GPS (Optional)
  • Advanced fingertip controls – All buttons are at the end of the armrest so that the operator doesn’t have to move when operating all parts of the truck. This reduces a lot of strain on operators and makes it easier to work for longer hours (Optional)

Ultimate Comfort

  • Spacious interior with plenty leg room
  • Suspension seat dampens vibrations to reduce driver fatigue
  • Improved suspension to reduce impact when driving on uneven surfaces
  • Electric handbrake
  • Better visibility when looking behind
  • Mast lowering buffer system softens the landing of the mast when its lowering to reduce driver fatigue
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